Sample Applications and Mashups

  • Lively for Qt comes with a number of demo applications and mashups. These demos are summarized below.
  • Each application is now demonstrated with a brief video.
  • NOTE: All the applications can be run both inside the Lively for Qt system and in standalone mode (as regular QWidgets). To run applications in standalone mode, uncomment the last four lines in each demo source file and then use qs_eval to run the file.

QtAppMan: Application Manager

  • QtAppMan is visual "application manager" widget to "dock" and manage applications.
  • Applications can be minimized to the application manager tray and then restored back later.
  • Applications will stay fully active even when they have been minimized to the dock.
  • The application manager tray itself can be minimized, too.

QtAppLoader: Dynamic Application Loader

  • QtAppLoader is a simple tool that can be used for loading JavaScript code from the Web or from the local file system.
  • Typically, the application loader is used for loading additional applications or widgets into the Lively system.
  • Files can be simply dragged and dropped on the QAppLoader widget.
  • The application loader can also be used for opening web pages. The loader will attempt to open a web browser automatically if the given URL or filename does not point to a valid script file.
  • QtAppLoader can be used also for creating additional instances of applications and widgets that have already been loaded into the Lively system upon startup.
  • Name of the class to be loaded must match with the file name.

QtWebcamMap: Web Cameras on a Google Map

  • QtWebcamMap is a webcam browser that utilizes Google Maps and API.
  • Write an address in the "Jump to" field to automatically open web cameras near that address (if there are any).
  • The map can be browsed/panned by simply dragging the view. Cameras are searched when the "Search from map" button is pressed.
  • Thumbnail images are automatically enlarged when the mouse cursor hovers above them.
  • Webcam images can be dragged around, and closed by double clicking.

QtMapper: a Google Map Application

  • QtMapper is a Google Maps widget with conventional map zooming and panning functions. Map, satellite and hybrid views are supported. It is possible to add and remove Places of Interest (POIs) as well as create routes on the map. POIs can be saved in and loaded from a local file. In addition to the POIs, a selection of geotagged information can be displayed on the map, such as Wikipedia articles or images from Panoramio.
  • Note that the user interface of this application is modal. The six buttons in top right corner of the application turn on different usage modes:
    • Marker addition mode: Add POI markers to the map
    • Marker removal mode: Remove markers from the map
    • Routing mode: Calculate routes between two points
    • Address request mode: Click the map to inquire address information
    • Zoom in mode
    • Zoom out mode

QtWeatherCameras: Finnish Road Weather Cameras

  • QtWeatherCameras is a mashup that utilizes the Google Maps API. The mashup shows images from a selection of road weather cameras located along the main highways in Finland.
  • To use the application, first choose the starting and end point for a route. The application then searches for the route. If there are any weather cameras along the route, the locations of the cameras are displayed on the map. Live camera images can accessed by clicking the camera markers on the map.
  • Note that the information displayed in the camera views is in Finnish:
    • ILMA: Current air temperature
    • TIE: Current road surface temperature
    • SADE: Current rain conditions
    • KELI: General weather description: "KUIVA" = dry, "KOSTEA" = moist, "MÄRKÄ" = wet

QtSimpleCalendar: Simple Project Calendar

  • QtSimpleCalendar is a simple group calendar application prototype for sharing events and information between project members.
  • The current implementation shares all the events for all the users.

QtCubeCrash: Simple Block Removal Game

  • QtCubeCrash is a simple block removal game in which the objective is to reach the highest possible score by clicking coloured cubes with the mouse.
  • The bigger the area of blocks you manage to remove with each click, the higher the score will be.

QtDiceWars: Strategy Game

  • QtDiceWars is a simple - yet very addictive - turn based risk style strategy game.
  • The primary goal in the game is to occupy every possible area ("territory") on the board.
  • The player can attack only between two adjacent territories: One owned by the player and the other owned by the opponent. These two territories are selected by a mouse click.
  • The winner of the fight is decided by throwing dice.
  • When the player decides to do so, he can give his turn away by clicking the "End turn" button.
  • See Risk on Wikipedia

QtPayazzo: Finnish Arcade Game

  • QtPayazzo is traditional Finnish coin-operated arcade game.
  • The objective of the game is to collect the maximum amount of money by flicking coins into the slots inside the game.
  • Each slot inside the game has a different monetary value.
  • You can launch/flick a coin by pressing the left button and then quickly dragging the cursor over the game from right to left.
  • The faster you drag the mouse, the faster the coin will be launched.
  • See Payazzo on Wikipedia

QtAsteroids: Classic Arcade Game

  • QtAsteroids is port of the classic arcade game that was originally created by Atari in 1979.
  • Destroy all the asteroids by shooting them with the laser cannon of the space ship.
  • Avoid colliding with asteroids by steering the ship with cursor keys.
  • Use the hyperspace jump (H) key when a collision is inevitable.

QtScrapbook: Web Camera & Image Scrapbook

  • QtScrapbook is a widget that displays images from the local disk or from the Web.
  • Simply drag and drop the images to the widget using your web browser.
  • All the images are displayed in separate tabs and they are updated periodically based on a user-specified update interval.
  • This widget is especially convenient for displaying images from web cameras.
  • A number of web camera tabs are opened automatically when the application starts.

QtEventCal: Music Events on a Google Map

  • QtEventCal is an application that can be used for browsing music events (concerts, etc.) on a Google Map.
  • Music events are searched from the database that contains community-provided information about concerts and other events.

QtDockCalendar: Simple Google Calendar Client

  • QtDockCalendar is simple client for Google calendar.
  • To you the calendar, you must first log in using your Google account credentials. This can be done via "File->Authorization..." menu.
  • After logging in you can browse the calendar and add events to it.
  • NOTE: This application requires OpenSSL libraries. The installation of these libraries is described on installation instructions page.

QtGeoTweet: Twitter Public Stream on a Google Map

  • QtGeoTweet is an application that presents current Twitter public tweets on a Google Map.
  • When you click the tweets shown in the bottom of the application, the application automatically shows the origin (location) of that tweet on a map.
  • Note: The shown location of the tweet is based on city names, not coordinates that can be attached to tweets.

QtTwitterLocation: Twitter Location Updater

  • QtTwitterLocation is a small application that can be used for updating Twitter account location information based on your current IP.
  • Location information is updated automatically after Twitter username and password have been typed in.

QtComics: Daily Comics

  • QtComics is a mashup that gathers daily comics from all over the world.
  • Select the desired comic strip from the combobox (a number of predefined comics are included in the dropdown menu).
  • Navigate to newer and older strips using the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

QtMapNews: Coordinate-Mapped News

  • QtMapNews application displays geotagged news and other geotagged information using the Google Maps API. The application includes a built-in web browser to display more detailed information. A number of predefined geotagged RSS feeds are included:
    • Earthquakes: All the Magnitude 5 or greater earthquakes in the world in the past seven days
    • Finnish Rescue Service: The last 100 incidents/emergencies in Finland
    • Geotagged news services (these do not always work reliably)

    3D version of the same application is called QtMapNews3D. It uses Poly9 API for the map.

QtWeather: BBC Weather

  • QtWeather is a simple weather widget that displays current weather conditions in selected cities based on information provided by the BBC Weather service. A weather forecast for the next three days is included.

QtRss: RSS Newsreader

  • QtRss is a basic RSS feed reader. To add a new feed, type the address of the feed in the "RSS Feed URL" field and then click the "Add" button. After a while the feed titles are loaded and shown in tree format. By clicking a title in the list, the contents of the news item are loaded and displayed.

QtFlickrTwitterTrends: Flickr Photo Viewer

  • QtFlickrTwitterTrends is a simple photo viewer that searches images from the Flickr photo service and utilizes the animation capabilities of the Qt framework to display the images.
  • Application uses current Twitter trends as keywords for Flickr image search.
  • Note that this application is rather computation-intensive and may slow down the other applications that are currently running in the system.

Note that all the applications are still under development, so the actual behavior and look-and-feel of the applications may vary from the screen snapshots and videos displayed here.