Welcome to the IE Port of Sun Labs Lively Kernel!

This is a project supported by Sun Labs and has been implemented in collaboration with the Lively Kernel work at Sun Labs.

This version is intended for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. The version is totally experimental (more experimental than the original Lively Kernel) and not intended for regular users. In order to be able to use Lively Kernel with Internet Explorer, the Renesis Player plugin by Examotion Ltd. has to be installed to add SVG support. The plugin can be downloaded at http://www.examotion.com/index.php?id=product_player_download.

Lively Kernel executed in Internet Explorer


The following list contains widgets or elements that do not function correctly in IE at the moment (totally or partly broken):

  • StockWidget
  • WeatherWidget
  • FeedWidget
  • Asteroids
  • WebPIM
  • MapFrameMorph
  • PlayerMorph
  • Map
  • Canvasscape
  • FileBrowser
  • Penscript
  • Hilbert Fun
  • Please note that porting of Lively Kernel to Internet Explorer is still work in progress, and the use of LK in IE may result in random crashes and loss of data. We are thankful for all kind of efforts that contribute to the port. The source code is available within the branches section of the Subversion repository of Sun Microsystems.

    Enter Lively Kernel with Internet Explorer (the link points directly to an SVG file as IE cannot open an XHTML file).
    Enter Lively Kernel with Safari, Firefox etc.. (The entry page is an XHTML file.)
    Enter the Lively Kernel tutorial.

    In case you have questions regarding the IE port or want to contribute to the project, you may contact us by E-Mail (livelykernel(at)cs.tut.fi).