Welcome to the home page of the Web Programming Research Team in Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Our research spans a broad range of topics from the foundations of web applications (as opposed to web pages or documents), mobile web applications and user interaction techniques to topics such as mashup development, client-server partitioning of web applications, and collaborative & context-aware web services and development tools. Here are some of our current and past public projects and activities in the area of web programming:

Check out our publications for further information.

Liquid Software

Note: call for papers to 2nd Workshop on Liquid Software is open.

More recently, we have become interested in liquid software (in Finnish: liukkaat ohjelmistot) – an approach that allows applications and data to move seamlessly between multiple devices and screens, making it possible for the users to roam freely between the different computing devices that they have. We believe that in the future consumers will have a significantly larger number of internet-connected computing devices in their daily lives; liquid software will play a central role in enabling truly casual and effortless multiple device ownership.

For more information, read our Liquid Software Manifesto. We also organized the first international workshop in multidevice programming.

Seminars and Events